Overlooking Your Perfect Job?

Are you looking in the right places but not finding what you are looking for? You might be missing out on opportunities because you’ve overlooked something great. And sometimes this can be down to assumptions or fears you need to push past to see all the great options out there.  

Here at Unlocking Potential we work with hundreds of business leaders who are recruiting for new talent. Here are our top tips on how you can broaden your job search and find your dream job.

The job title

Be aware that some job titles can seem inflated in smaller businesses because the teams are relatively small. ‘Manager’ doesn’t always mean managing people – it can be about managing a process or function. You will not be expected to know everything from the start. Showing passion and willing to get stuck in is half the battle.


The job description seems extensive or difficult to understand
Don’t panic if you come across a long list of tasks and you haven’t had experience in every single one of them. Job descriptions can list extensive job duties, however, they might not occur regularly and companies will always train you up for the role. For the sake of a little work, if you do some research and go the extra mile to find out more, it will put your application in better stead.


Not meeting the ‘Essential’ requirements
Following on from our above point – the distinction between “Essentials” and “Desirables” might make you think you have to have every skill on the “Essentials” list. Remember that they are writing an idealistic scenario of their perfect person. Start seeing the essential requirements as an employer’s ‘Wish List’.  Experience is always a comforting thing for employers to see, but if you don’t have it, demonstrate your willingness to overcome any knowledge gaps.


The salary is too high!
This sounds like an unusual fear but believe it or not, we hear this often. In a similar way to a job title scaring you off, if a salary is pitched high you might worry that the employer’s expectations are too high or that you need more experience. Salaries are designed to attract talented candidates.  Focus on the job description and if you believe that it is the job for you, apply.


The salary is too low!
Yes – we hear this too. Sometimes you may feel that a salary is too low, however do not pass up an opportunity to become part of a great business on this fact alone.

If you can make a massive difference to the growth of a smaller business, employers will be more likely reward you with higher salaries and responsibility because they won’t want to lose you.  Consider that often, in small businesses you might be earning on a par with, or in some cases even more than, the business owners.

Although money is an important consideration, your enjoyment of a job role means you are likely to perform better and whether you stay in a role long term or go to a different organisation, the experience you will gain will be priceless.


There will be lots of better-qualified applicants
You may be concerned that hundreds of people have applied for the role and competition is really steep. This is certainly not true in all cases.  In Cornwall, many companies have smaller teams and it’s likely there are fewer applicants than you may think.

If you knew it might only be 15 – 20 people would you be more likely to apply? Either way – the number of applicants shouldn’t matter! If you want a role, think you could be good at it and have something to offer the organisation, you should apply.


The key is take your time to understand what the company needs and invest your energy in tailoring your application and you will find your way to the top of the ‘yes’ pile!

For some tips on tailoring your CV when you start applying, click here

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