Registered Manager

Green Light PBS Ltd
Business & Management, Health & Social Care
Truro area, Cornwall
Salary Details
Starting £23,017.80 per annum
Hours of work
Job Type
Closing Date
We have an opening for someone with Autism,Learning Disability & preferably Challenging Behaviour experience with a L5 Diploma in Leadership in Health & Social Care or Equivalent Qualification allowing them to be registered with the CQC

Job Description

Specific Responsibilities

  • The care and safety and supervision of customers and employees working at the home.
  • The day to day management and administration of the home and compliance with statutory regulations and company policies and procedures.
  • The cultivation of an environment in which high standards of care and support are provided.
  • To engage customers to express themselves and take control of their lifestyle with your teams support.
  • To foster positive relationships with people who are personally or professionally significant to customers and to the quality of care offered.
  • To listen to and to consult widely with significant others and to include them in regular reviews of the Service User Plan.
  • To ensure any medication is stored and administered according to company policy and procedure, training and pharmaceutical recommendations
  • The support, guidance and supervision of employees working within the Registered Home you are managing.
  • Protecting client confidentiality and ensuring policies and procedures relating to this are understood by those within the Registered Home you are managing.
  • Encouraging free-flowing communication between parties involved in the care and support process; customers, their friends, carers and families, Green Light employees and health and social care professionals.
  • To represent the team and wider organisation in multi-disciplinary meetings, case conferences and formal reviews in a professional manner.
  • To recruit, select, supervise and appraise employees and manage employee development, discipline and support.
  • To support employees you supervise to develop professionally and thus contribute to the development of Green Light's services for people with complex needs.
  • To meet with fellow employees at all levels on a regular basis so that information can be exchanged on the variousparts of the company.
  • To engage in the planning, development and promotion of Green Light's brand of care and support and in the quality assurance and continual improvement of existing policies, procedures and practices.
  • To share best practice across the organisation so that others can build on this.
  • To gather and share information on service quality and safety and other key areas at informal and formal team meetings.
  • To assess the possible impact of the information gathered and the steps needed to ensure safety and quality of service.
  • To set and review actions and recognise the achievements of individuals and the team as a whole.
  • To share your findings and recommendations with the Nominated Individual, ensuring they are fully appraised of matters being managed, particularly those requiring immediate attention or action; for example concerns relating to customer or employee safety, risk and or service quality.
  • To ensure services reflect the individual needs of customers and the nature of their condition(s) and that their needs are met safely.
  • To assess and evaluate whether the needs of potential customers can be safely met and to design packages of support and person-centred transitions based on your assessment.
  • To provide reports detailing your findings and recommendations to the Nominated Individual, so this can be costed and shared with the customer, representatives and commissioning authority.
  • To ensure the home is safe, clean and tidy and well-maintained inside and out reflecting high standards.
  • To ensure resources under your control are safe, fit-for-purpose and are well cared for by those using them for example any vehicles provided for customer and team use,
  • To ensure you and employees under your supervision are well-informed of the financial status of the home and therefore aware of both opportunities and constraints resulting from this.
  • To share information on the financial status of the home with Green Light's Nominated Individual and Finance Manager and in turn receive financial information on wider financial performance of the organisation, so this can influence local performance.
  • To maintain records of each person using the service and to provide detailed progress reports.
  • To ensure employees under your supervision are trained, competent and confident to fulfil their delegated responsibilities to required standards.
  • To ensure appropriate support is in place for customers and team members to fulfil planned activities.
  • To develop, implement and monitor a shift rota system in liaison with the Nominated Individual and Finance Manager that satisfies customer support needs and ensures staffing costs are efficiently managed.
  • To ensure all employees are treated fairly and equally in the allocation of shifts and responsibilities for providing customer support and that company policies and procedures relating to leave and absence are managed effectively.
  • To consider in consultation with the Nominated Individual and/or Finance Manager any requests to make changes that will impact on working patterns and conditions and the service being provided.
  • To undertake a share of evening, weekend and sleep-in shifts as dictated by customer needs, as reflected in the rota agreed with the Nominated Individual or Finance Manager.
  • To take part in the 'on-call' system providing support and guidance to colleagues and customers.
  • To respect and maintain the confidentiality, respecting the fact that our business results in access to privileged information about vulnerable people, their families and representatives.
  • To ensure that you maintain personal integrity, can be approached by employees with concerns knowing this will be dealt with in confidence.
  • To ensure that all employees under your supervision are aware that 'breach of confidentiality' allegations will be investigated and could result in disciplinary proceedings.

Company Description

Green Light was founded in 2009 to address the shortfalls of quality provision for people with Autism in Cornwall.  Green Light support people with Autism, Complex needs & Challenging Behaviour from family style homes across Cornwall.  

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