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Talent Finder If you could be the magician discovering just the right person with the right skills for businesses with personality then this could be for you!

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You can surprise others, seemingly effortlessly, with your abilities to conjure up just the right applicants for a job opportunity.  But this is no trick you have the tenacity to use social media skilfully, to research sectors and do the hard slog to pull the Ace from the pack.

Behind the scenes you put the performance together, drawing the guests in so that you understand who they are, who will work well with them and what they will need to have.  Practice makes perfect and you have the will-power to check out the stories, test out the abilities and uncover the right profile.

You’re the person that gets up in the morning batteries charged, gets things moving and keeps up the momentum.  Communicating, building rapport call after call and meeting after meeting, all with purpose and skilful organisation.

You’ll be intrigued by the magic of what makes talent finding astound customers, how that magic is put together by the smallest details, the learning from each project.  Then you can translate that into the performance that gets the word out.  You’ve spotted it: for us this is quality recruitment not quantity.  The magic is talent finding which can genuinely be called world-class.

You may have picked up we think left of field, so what you are doing currently is not the be all and end all, it's whether you have that magic spark and an olympic level focus to make it happen.

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Tamar HR is a well-established company based in Plymouth and covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, working with SME businesses

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Please no tricks, just the skilful conjuring of your cover letter and your CV in a way that astounds us with your individuality, your personal brand and credibility.

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