Linux SysAdmin

British Energy Saving Technologies
IT & Information Services
St Austell, Cornwall
Salary Details
£25,000 - £35,000 per annum
Job Type
Closing Date
Cutting edge IT infrastructure opportunity with a dynamic and fast growing company.

Job Description


  • Install, configure, maintain and secure existing and new linux based web servers
  • Configuring new servers and documenting setup
  • Deploying web applications, setting up services and crons
  • Advise, design and setup the server and network architecture
  • Setting up secure user access across servers
  • Proactively monitor server logs and status / performance
  • Creation of monitoring/early warning scripts
  • Monitoring web applications logs (via papertrail) to identify potential problems before they become customer facing issues
  • Managing backups of codebase, servers, databases and customer’s energy data
  • Implementing disaster recovery plans and processes
  • Server and network troubleshooting

Required experience

  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • Mysql with master/slave configurations
  • Bash
  • Linux server administration
  • Crontab
  • Familiarity with rackspace cloud environment
  • Caching solutions such as redis
  • Version control

Desirable experience

  • PHP  (Ability to create basic scripts for tooling purposes)
  • Mongo
  • InfluxDB
  • Docker and general Dev-ops experience (provisioning, containerisation, CI/CD pipelines)
  • Git
  • Application deployment processes

Company Description

We believe that Energy Efficiency is the single most important future source of energy... in effect - it buys us time while new and more efficient sources of power generation are being developed.

Not only is it currently the most effective way to combat rising energy prices and increasing supply demands – it is probably the most important response to one of the biggest threat humans have ever faced...Climate Change.

As the threats presented by climate change become ever more proven, there are countless excellent global initiatives in place researching and developing alternative energy sources that will, hopefully, lead to the world’s economies becoming less reliant on harmful types of energy generation. However, one important source of energy is too often overlooked - energy efficiency - we must get more from less. Population levels are projected to increase from 6.5 billion today to 8.3 billion by 2030. At this rate of growth, the world’s demand for energy will have increased by 53%, elevating global CO2 emissions by 55%.

Energy efficiencies in all walks of life will help reduce the effects of climate change, and commerce and industry can make a significant contribution by using the best available technologies to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate facilities. We are at the forefront of Energy Management, targeting significant reductions in client energy consumption and cost, without inhibiting performance. This is, of course, highly desirable in the current economic climate.

We keep abreast of the latest energy saving incentives, often government backed, and can tap in to a global network of professionals from within the industry to ensure our customers realise the benefits of these initiatives through the implementation of the very best energy saving strategies and technologies.

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