Hype Master / Mischief Maker

Creative Edge
Creative Arts, Design, Culture & Humanities, IT & Information Services, Marketing, PR, Media & Communications
Truro, Cornwall
Salary Details
£17,000 per annum
Hours of work
9 -5.30
Job Type
Closing Date
If you know social media and can build, maintain and engage audiences like Logan Paul then we're interested. Must know Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, Dribble and Medium like the back of your thumb.

Job Description

We need someone who is super confident in their own ability and wit. Someone who is intravenously plugged right into the zeitgeist of today and who knows how to maximise the social tools available to us. The job (if you can call it that) will involve formulating a social strategy and implementing it as effectively as these guys do whatever they do and getting us as much engagement as an ill-considered Trump tweet without the downside.

We don't care if you're Gen Z, a millennial or a good ol' fashioned growth hacker, we do care that you're able to grow, nurture and engage our audiences faster than PSY did with Gangham Style.

You need to have excellent writing ability and a good eye for detail, know your AFK, BRB, DIKU, EMFBI & HHIS's and preferably have a side gig in writing hilarious meme's then this may be for you.

Not much to ask I know but there's more. You'll need to know Hootsuite as well as having a KFC bucket load of initiative as a lot of the work will be reactive. If you have some design experience (Illustrator and / or Photoshop) then that will shoot you right to the top of our soon to be massive CV pile as it will mean you won't be wholly reliant upon our designers.

If you want do 'fun' for work, apply here.

Company Description

We're a top tier experience and product design agency with four locations globally (Truro, London, Sofia and Kiev). We build incredible digital products and change industries whilst doing so but we're not so good at shouting about it. You know those incredible things we do, you can see some of them below but not all of it because we don't have someone like you to share the beautiful, beautiful content. It's still on our servers and not out in the open where it belongs:

We've danced in our digital briefs (geddit) to try and get some digital briefs in. We created an inappropriate xmas game instead of sending out cards, we don't do normal very well. Maybe we're humble, maybe we're shy or maybe we just don't have the time but that's where you come in. If you're an interesting character who often makes questionable decisions but frickin' loves social media then this may be for you. If not then I'm sure there's an x button around here somewhere>>>.

Other Application Details

Do you have over 10k followers on Instagram? If not why not?

Can you tell us what you're first campaign would be to make us famous?


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