Graduate Trainee Incident Manager

Richfords Ltd
Business & Management, Construction and Property, Personal Development & Relationship Management
Pool, Redruth
Salary Details
£26,000 - £32,000
Hours of work
Full Time
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We have a unique opportunity for an ambitious graduate. Someone who wants to move towards mastery of new business and leadership skills; and someone who is eager to take on responsibility.

Job Description

Meaningful work

We have a unique opportunity for an ambitious graduate. Someone who wants to move towards mastery of new business and leadership skills; and someone who is eager to take on responsibility. A person who has a strong work ethic, and who wants to be part of our sustainability mission - to reduce the environmental impact associated with fre and water damage insurance claims. Our offer to our customers is “to give you your life back” after fre and water damage in their homes and businesses. Our technicians carry out our practical and technical work, right in our customer's homes and businesses, across the South of England and Wales. In doing this we reduce the total cost of the insurance claim, by preventing secondary damage and through skilled restoration of affected buildings and contents items. We “slash the cost of claims” - and the carbon impact.

The Role

  • This role requires you to learn how to work as an Incident and Relationship manager for these jobs.
  • Your job would be to fully understand each incident and to be in control of our response. The Incident Managers take executive responsibility for each project.
  • These incidents are complex. We take on multiple practical tasks - and are trusted to report on items that have to be replaced by the insurance company. With every live incident there is much to track, organise and resolve each day. The Incident Manager's work is to ensure we recover the customers’ lives as quickly as possible, and in the most cost effective way for the insurance company.
  • As new incidents arrive during the day you need to triage the Incident and establish how we should respond - how urgently and with what resources
  • From the beginning you would establish a good working relationship with the key personnel involved. This is usually the customer, sometimes the customer’s agent and the insurance representatives.
  • Through the whole project you need to be very responsive to all enquiries and keep all parties fully informed. This part of the work will need to be something that you enjoy.
  • You may need to liaise with our technical team when they are on site for their frst visit - you will always need to promptly review their site reports which arrive electronically directly from their site inspection.
  • From the information the technical team provide you need to produce a work proposal and provisional pricing, for the insurance company, using the in house estimating system..
  • Information arrives throughout the day, related to ongoing projects, from our expert technicians, recording their on-site activities and decisions - you need to update the project record collate and decide on further action if needed
  • The days are busy and fast paced, with a new challenge nearly every day. A chance to help customers in distress, through practical solutions, well delivered. You are also helping insurance professionals be more effective.
  • This is an immersive role for a capable person, as part of a supportive and energetic team

Company Description

Founded in 1977 by Steven Richford, Richfords Fire and Flood has always had responsiveness at the heart of the business.

From the very beginning, we have built our reputation around responding to the needs of our customers. They are at the heart of what we do. We want to help home and business owners, and repair and control the damage caused by these incidents as quickly and effectively as possible.

Other Application Details


We have a very comprehensive in-house learning system including practical instruction and coaching. There is also training with external bodies including the British Damage Management Association (BDMA), Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Your Opportunity

  • The role is a permanent, full time one with a competitive salary and Company proft share scheme. You would report to the Operations Director.
  • The offce location is Redruth Cornwall.
  • Remote working is possible, although working in the offce and close mentoring is essential in the initial stages.
  • Closing date: August 16th 2022 
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