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Stand Out from the Crowd
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Do you want to earn more?
Get expert support to help you land your dream job. We are looking for individuals who want to move from job rejections to getting dream job offers by investing just 6 days...

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Are you fed up of reading job description after job description, sending application after application and getting rejected, or worse still, hearing nothing at all?  What if you were able to change that in just 6 days and land a dream job in the near future?

Job hunting is hard, but we know the game. Unlocking Potential has been helping great businesses and great job seekers find each other for over 10 years.  We've also seen and helped lots of people who have been going round in circles making the same mistakes in their job applications.  There is a phrase: 'If you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always got'!  You know you have the talents and skills to get a great job and career, so if you're not in one yet, read on...

What is it?

Our award-winning employability course teaches you proven methods and skills to help you get your career moving and to gain your dream job. 

During the course (usually 6 full days) we’ll help you understand what's great about you and makes you a valuable addition to a team.  We (with the help of employers) will show you what employers are looking for and how to tailor outstanding CVs, secure interviews and communicate impactfully during the recruitment process. You’ll gain confidence, build self-awareness and meet and learn from employers, business leaders and experts.  We will do this through group work, one to one feedback, careers guidance, networking and team building.

Following this course you will have clear focus and drive to work towards getting the job your sights are set on, plus the self-assurance in your own abilities and strengths.  

Can I do it?
Stand Out from the Crowd is open to anyone with ambitions to fulfil their potential, who wants to land a graduate-level job or professional career.
It could be you’ve been to university but found you’re not really on the career path you dreamed of, perhaps you have been made redundant, are you returning to work after a period of parenting or maybe you don’t think you’re using your qualifications and skills. If you’re thinking about re-starting your education to gain a degree and further your options but are stuck for confidence or need some support to maximise the opportunity, this course is for you too.

How much does it cost?

The course is worth more than £1,500 but the good news is that thanks to a subsidy from the European Social Fund (ESF) you pay just £80 and can also get reimbursements for travel and parking expenses.

How do I apply?

Tell us a bit about yourself HERE or give us a call and ask for Nicky or Chloe if you want to find out more 0845 600 3660.

Company Description

At Unlocking Potential we deliver a range of services for entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing businesses here in Cornwall. Our services include business start-up support, business development, recruitment, graduate and professional jobs, networking events and mentoring.

Stand Out from the Crowd is our accredited and award winning employability course which has literally changed peoples' lives, but don't just take our word for it:

"For me, the Stand Out from the Crowd programme is what gave me the courage and motivation to step out of my comfort zone and finally apply for a management role in Marketing. Not only that, but it helped me realise my potential and go for something that I had always wanted, which was to be a Special Constable in the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. I now have not one, but two jobs that I am so incredibly passionate about, so all I can say is thank you." April Smith

"The main thing that the course gave me was an understanding of my own skill set and I went from thinking that there were no jobs I could really apply for with my art based qualifications to having to cherry pick the roles that I thought suited me best." Rhys Bonney

"Attending Stand Out from the Crowd improved my confidence, increased my self-awareness and helped me to understand what employers are looking for in a job applicant. I learnt a lot about who I am, what’s important to me and what I have to offer, and this has shaped my career path and changed the way I have presented myself to employers. Feedback I received taught me that the way I saw myself was very different to how other people perceived me, which helped me to recognise my strengths and personal qualities, and appreciate how these compliment others’ skills within a team. Throughout the programme, I was encouraged to take on new challenges that stretched my comfort zone in a team that really supported and reassured each other, helping me grow as a person as well as an employee." Hayley Stanton

"I continue to use the skills I learned at Stand Out from the Crowd every day in my job, and it's quite amazing to think how much I got out of it. The course massively boosted my confidence and it was so much fun! I am really grateful for the opportunity you guys gave me." Emmalu Fox



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What are you waiting for?  Your future starts now.  More details about the course can be found HERE or by giving us a call.

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