“An organisation is only as good as the people who live and work in it,” Dee Hock.

Reach Your Target Audience

For many businesses finding and recruiting the right people can be the key to their ongoing growth, success and development. But to get it right takes time, insight and understanding. That’s where we come in.

We use our experience to help business owners overcome these traditional recruitment issues by seeking out the types of talented people they need to really develop and grow.

We have built extensive knowledge, expertise and a highly successful track record of matching talented people with ambitious businesses across Cornwall and the South West since 2004.

Here is a little video giving you some top tips when putting together a recruitment video. 

Our clients love our friendly approach, our desire to really understand their business and our ability to really to identify the skills they are looking for in their new recruits. We love helping our clients succeed and as a result have developed a great reputation for the work we do.

How can we help your business? Here’s what Unlocking Potential Jobs can offer you:

So if you want to tap into a rich talent pool and enjoy a range of dynamic support that takes the stress out of your recruitment then simply post your job openings  and let the team at Unlocking Potential Jobs help your recruitment drive.

We welcome job adverts which:

  • Pay a minimum salary of £19,000 pro rata and contracted working hours  OR which offer graduates a career starting internship paying a minimum of Living wage for a maximum period of 3 months
  • Require a degree or technical skills and experience
  • Are based in Cornwall
  • Have a clear closing date
  • Specify the salary or salary range

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to post:

  • Non graduate level junior roles e.g. Office junior or apprenticeships
  • Roles which do not specify the organisation the candidate will be working for
  • Rolling job adverts with open ended closing dates
  • Unpaid internships or voluntary work
  • Roles based outside of Cornwall
  • Roles which do not include sufficient detail in the advert to give the candidates a clear picture of what will be required and what the job will involve


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