Shake up Your Job Hunt!

Whether you’re tired of receiving rejection letters, or you’re at a career crossroads and looking for direction- on Stand Out from the Crowd you’ll work out where you want your career to go and how to get there.

What do we do?
Unlocking Potential’s award-winning employability course, Stand Out from the Crowd is a one-off accredited course that teaches you proven methods and skills to help you get your career moving and to gain your dream job. During the course (usually 6 full days) we’ll help you understand what employers are looking for and how to tailor outstanding CVs, secure interviews and communicate impactfully during the recruitment process. You’ll gain confidence, build self-awareness and meet and learn from employers, business leaders and experts.


Here’s an example of the amazing feedback we receive:

I learnt that it’s ok to be nervous. It’s the way you handle the nerves that counts. Since leaving the course, interviews have been far more comfortable and I have been able to “sell” myself better to employers. The course gave me the confidence and self-belief to aim higher so when the opportunity came my way I went for it, gave it my all and got the job! SOftC was a big turning point in my life.


How do we do it?
Our previous course was hugely successful (more than 200 participants, with 92% in employment within 3 months) and now we’re excited to be able to offer the same great benefits, with a new, improved format. It’s worth £1,500 but the good news is that thanks to the European Social Fund (ESF) this is heavily subsidised and costs just £80 per participant with travel and parking reimbursed too.


Who do we work with?
Stand Out from the Crowd is now open to anyone with ambitions to fulfil their potential, who wants to land a professional job. 


Basically, if you want to dream bigger and need the tools and confidence to realise those dreams, we’d love to hear from you to talk through how this course can help. Tell us about yourself HERE and we can have a chat or give us a call on 0845 600 3660 and speak to Nicky or Chloe.

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